Collection: PS7 Control System

Our PS7 Control System has continued to evolve with regular upgrades bringing new and improved features while maintaining a high level of compatibility with previous versions.

We recently released the new PS7F, whose enhancements include improved battery and load monitoring as well as “Sound System Ready” features. 

How to put together your system:

Part 1 - The Power Controller. This lives inside your locomotive and drives the Motors, Headlights, Horns, and others.

Part 2 - The Drivers Controls. Either a Tether or Control Panel style, this is what you use to actually control what's happening

Part 3 - Cable Sets. Including connectors for batteries, and a main Power Cut-Off Switch, this gets the power from your batteries to the controller.

Depending on how you build your loco, you may need to wire up some simple cables and connectors. For more info, check out our detailed guide, or ask us for more info.

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