Modular Track System

 Our modular track is designed based on track which was proven in commerical use at "The Train Shed" for 20 years.

Modular track is easy to install and maintain, enabling complex junction designs and simple circuits to be built quickly and with minimal effort. Our geometry has been specifically set-out to maximise flexibility and minimise 'fill in' sections in even the most complex arrangements. We have a large range of sections, including straights, curves, points and diamonds covering a large range options.


  • 5"
  • 7.25"
  • 5" + 7.25" Dual Gauge
  • 3.5" + 5" Dual gauge
  • Or any combination that you need!


  • Full set of Single and Dual Gauge sections, with smooth operation on both gauges.
  • Standard straights ranging from 750mm to 2500mm, or any length you need.
  • Curve radii ranging from 2.5m to 14m.
  • Points and diamonds of many combinations available.
  • Fully welded all-steel construction.
  • Painted finish for long life.

If you want a large volume of track, and you want to take a more hands-on approach, we can provide a track-building kit!