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Coupling Bars

Coupling Bars

We supply a wide range of coupling bars to suit your needs.

Our laser-cut coupling bars provide the strength required to safely haul heavy loads, and are based on the AALS Code of Practice for type B and C couplings.

These are painted at our factory to give them a longer life.

We have three common lengths for each gauge:

  • "Short" to suit external-mounted couplers
  • "Medium" for internal-to-external couplers as shown in the picture
  • "Long" to suit internal-mounted couplers

Standard Range:

5" Gauge - 20x6mm cross section with clearance for 6mm / 1/4" pins:

  • S - 100mm between pin centres
  • M - 175mm 
  • L - 250mm 

Gauge Converter - 6mm thick, one end to suit 7.25", one to suit 5", cranked for the height difference.

7.25" Gauge - 32x8mm cross section with clearance for 10mm / 3/8" pins:

  • S - 150mm
  • M - 225mm
  • L - 300mm


Please note that specific styles and detail dimensions may vary between or within orders due to batch production. Paint damage in transit is normal due to the bulky nature. Paint wear is normal during use.

 For bulk orders, special sizes or lengths, ask us today!

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