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7.25" Gauge Straddle Passenger Carriages

7.25" Gauge Straddle Passenger Carriages

Our straddle carriages are built using quality materials and a proven design, they incorporate many features making riding comfortable and ownership worry-free.

Designed as a series along with the driving cars, they match the style and are a proud feature of the train.


  • Padded seat for passenger and guard comfort.
  • Heavy duty bogies with full suspension.
  • Strong steel frame fully painted for protection.
  • Steel Colourbond side panels - A wide range of colours available.
  • Timber end panels

Guard Carriage Option

These carriages can be fitted for use as a Guard's Carriage.

  • Latching handbrake fitted to the rear bogie, spring acting for smooth and strong control
  • Large internal room for Tools

 Brake options

  • Unbraked
  • Air Braked (One Bogie) - For Standard "Club Passenger" setup
  • Other systems available on request. 


The end panels and footboards are typically painted Gloss Black, with the side panels available in many standard Colourbond colours:

  • Manor Red - Standard
  • Cottage Green
  • Monument
  • Others available on request.

We can add many other variations and customisations, if you want something special just reach out and let us know!

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