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5'' "Wasp" Battery Electric Locomotive - SOLD - S1181

5'' "Wasp" Battery Electric Locomotive - SOLD - S1181

Shunter / Cane locomotive with driving carriage and stand 


  • 4 x 280w 24v Motors.
  • 12v Headlight, Horn, and Flashing Lights on radiator.
  • Hand Brake and Air Brakes in Driving Car.
  • Standard AALS Air Fittings, with Pressure Gauge but no pump. Air Tank fitted.
  • Driving Car fitted with Safety Chains.
  • Full controls on Panel mounted on Riding Car.
  • Battery Isolator and Battery Condition Monitor in Cab.
  • Stand for Loco and Riding Car, with Loading Rail/

 This loco has been running on public running days for 6 years, it is a great proven performer!

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