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5'' Portable Track and Train - SOLD - S1173

5'' Portable Track and Train - SOLD - S1173

A full portable Track and Train, ready to go!

Perfect to get your backyard railway up-and-running in a single day, or take it on the road.

Track Features:

  • 10m radius oval with siding.
  • Scotch type Point.
  • Signals.
  • 20x20 Tube Rails, Jig-Built track sections approx 1.6m, 5kg.
  • Tooling to make additional track.
  • Lifting Rig to assist loading/unloading of locomotive and carriages
  • Instructions for assembling Track on sites.

Train Features:

  • 7.5hp Honda petrol motor.
  • 24v Petrol-Electric drive system.
  • 3 x 150w shunt-field Electric Motors.
  • Battery Drive for shunting.
  • Lights, Horn, Vacuum Brakes.
  • Electrical Diagrams for Locomotive.
  • Riding Car and Two Passenger Carriages.
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