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7.25'' E2 Steam-Outline Electric - SOLD - S1141

7.25'' E2 Steam-Outline Electric - SOLD - S1141

#107 is a 7 1/4 inch gauge locomotive, driven by 2 x 1kW motors controlled by a brand new Mini Train Systems chopper controller and control panel, has a fully operational, air driven steam whistle and air brakes with internal compressor (in the drivers car). The locomotive is capable of pulling up to four enclosed 1/4 carriages.

Has a working faux smoke generator which blows out of the funnel to add some more realism. The drivers car contains 5 deep cycle 12 volt batteries, four of which make up a 48 volt power system for the locomotive and the fifth battery is to run the compressor, this battery has a separate monitoring system mounted at the front of the drivers car.

#107 has been run and will probably require a repaint by the new owner. In total the locomotive has run approximately 24 times for about six to eight hours a piece in the three years I have owned it meaning that all the flanges and running gear have hardly been used and will not need any maintenance other than the appropriate oiling.

This locomotive and drivers car come as part of a package deal, including all necessary cables and hoses for operation. Also includes the storage rack, transfer ramp and trailer with all appropriate lock downs, plus a smart charger capable of charging all five batteries at once.

Trailer also has rego until November, has recently been repainted and wiring updated and new brake and indicator lights fitted.

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