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7.25" Enclosed-Side Carriages

7.25" Enclosed-Side Carriages

For our 7.25" Customers, we have a range of Passenger Cars, with strong and reliable designs which have been proven in commercial use at The Train Shed, for over ten years.

Our Enclosed Passenger cars are built using quality equipment and a proven design, they incorporate many features making riding comfortable and ownership worry-free. Designed to match our driving cars, they are a proud feature of the train.


  • Padded seat for passenger comfort.
  • Internally-mounted coupling pins, preventing tampering by stray fingers.
  • Enclosed sides, no need to worry about shoes and feet dropping onto the ground!
  • Heavy duty bogies, with full suspension
  • Strong steel frame fully painted for protection.
  • Approx. 2.5m over buffers for each carriage.


The wood panels on these passenger cars are available in:
  • Unpainted flat sides ready for your own artwork
  • Painted with Simple colour liveries.
  • Decorative woodworking for window and door effects, freight wagon styles.
  • Extra detailed windows and doors, passenger carriage styles.
  • We will give a quote for all woodwork, the basic price is for Unpainted flat woodwork.


  • Independent carriages can be pulled by themselves, however articulated sets offer far more stability and cost savings. ( I )
  • A minimum articulated set is an A type with a B type. ( A+B )
  • These can be extended by inserting C type cars. ( A+C+C+B )
  • Any combination can be coupled together. ( A+B ) + ( A+C+B ) + ( I )

Air and Electric brake systems are available, ask us for more information!

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