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7.25'' ''Jessie'' - Don Young 0-4-0 Saddle Tank Project - Kiama, NSW - S1214

7.25'' ''Jessie'' - Don Young 0-4-0 Saddle Tank Project - Kiama, NSW - S1214

Part-Built locomotive with drawings.

With $3770 worth of castings and materials alone, the extensive works completed so far are a great step forward in your project.


  • Complete set of Drawings
  • Complete set of Castings
  • Built up to the stage as shown in photos


  • Rolling Chassis
  • Precision machined by toolmaking tradesman
  • Finished and assembled frame
  • Machined and Quartered wheels
  • Partially machined and assembled Walschaert's gear, including the expansion links

Castings and components include:

  • Bridget driving & coupled wheels
  • Bridget cylinder casting set
  • Bridget main axleboxes & keeps
  • Bridget smokebox door
  • Jessie motion brackets lh & rh
  • Bridget leading sand boxes
  • Bridget smokebox rear ring
  • Bridget smokebox front ring
  • Bridget pump body & gland
  • Bridget buffer stocks
  • Bridget chimney
  • Bridget footplate brackets
  • Jessie inner dome top
  • Bridget trailing sandboxes
  • Jessie regulator body
  • Bridget piston blanks
  • Bridget brake block ring
  • Bridget exhaust pipe flanges
  • Bridget pump eccentric strap
  • Jessie safety valve cover
  • Bridget connecting rod brasses
  • Jessie blast pipe & flange
  • Jessie weighshaft bearings
  • Bridget regulator stuffing box

Item located in Kiama, NSW.


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