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Booster Riding Car

Booster Riding Car

Looks like a normal riding car. Gives you up to an extra 2kw of pulling power!

Perhaps you need extra power for your loco (steam or electric) to pull those extra couple of cars, or climb that steeper grade. Maybe you have an unpowered loco that needs to be driven externally. In either case, these new Booster Riding Cars may be the solution.

These are based on our standard High Seat Driver's Riding Cars and include all of the standard features of those cars plus the bonus of one or two powered bogies, and a PS7 Power Controller. They operate from the cars own batteries and if coupled to an MTS electric loco run MU with that loco from the same hand controller or control panel.

Economically these are much cheaper than adding a second locomotive, costing not much more than the riding car itself.


  • Bogie options for one or two 5" Gauge K-Type 450w power bogies, or 7.25" Gauge J-Type 1000w power bogies
  • PS7 Power Controller included on board
  • Capacity for up to 4 x RM12-75 AGM Batteries
  • Mechanical handbrake on-board
  • Options for Vacuum pumps or Air Brake controls
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