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EM Baldwin Cane Locomotive

EM Baldwin Cane Locomotive

The EM Baldwin Cane Locomotives are a common sight in the Queensland Sugarcane Industry, and have been from the 1950s through to today. The fleet was built over 30 years and oversaw the changeover from steam to diesel traction in this industry. The usual sugar industry livery was bright yellow with red and white striped buffer beams, many enjoyed further enhancement with coloured stripes and panels giving the modeller many opportunities to customise the standard colour scheme.

The Maxitrak locomotive is designed for a 24V operation driving two motors on each axle through an all gear drive. It is also fitted with spring suspension, full electronic control and a wealth of detail. It is capable of hauling eight adults on level track and will run all day on one charge depending on grade, load and battery selected.

The model offers a wealth of detail surrounding a solid steel body and chassis, the 24v control system, 2 batteries and 8 motors make it a powerful yet easy to handle single handedly when broken down into chassis, body and batteries.


Maxitrak engines supplied by Mini Train Systems are fitted with a number of extra features to improve driver convenience and comply with Australian standards (AS3533). MTS engines are tested and warranted for 12 months against defects in materials or labour. Featuring:

  • Maxitrak's optional headlights
  • Key operated disable switch
  • Power connector for driving car mounted battery
  • 'Break away' disable feature
  • Hand Held tether control.
  • MTS MU (Multiple Unit) Control System. This enables two or more locomotives to be coupled together and driven by the one driver. Power and control jumper cables link the locos together. Compatible with all MTS MU engines.
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