Hunslet Austerity - Steam-Outline Electric

Hunslet Austerity - Steam-Outline Electric

The Hunslet Engine Company Austerity locomotives were built at the outbreak of the second world war. These were intended for general shunting duties, with a total of 485 constructed. They were a very modern design, and built with simple features to keep costs and maintenance down. As a result, 70 are still preserved.

As an electric locomotive, you get great power at-hand, with extremely low maintenance! Available in 7.25" gauge, these locomotives are a great size striking the balance between portability and heavy haulage. With a 2kw 48v power system, this loco will haul four loaded 7.25" gauge carriages on most tracks.



These engines feature:

  • Key operated disable switch
  • Power connector for driving car mounted battery
  • 'Break away' disable feature
  • Improved Hand Held tether control.
  • MTS MU (Multiple Unit) Control System. This enables two or more engines to be coupled together and driven by the one driver. Power and control jumper cables link the locos together. Compatible with all MTS MU engines.
  • Optional Sound System
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