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Maxitrak Electric Locomotives

Maxitrak Electric Locomotives

We can import Maxitrak Electric Locos to suit your needs.

The Maxitrak models are high quality kit form and ready-to-run locos that meet Australian Standards. The Maxitrak Models include the Planets, Ruston, Class 73, F7s, Deltic, Warship and more. Many are available in either 5" or 7.25" gauges.

These locos will pull many adults and are fun and easy to drive, they are great as first engines for those wishing to take the step in the hobby, and are also good for experienced modellers who want something simpler.


The Maxitrak engines supplied by Mini Train Systems are fitted with a number of extra features to improve driver convenience and comply with Australian standards (AS3533). MTS engines are tested and warranted for 12 months against defects in materials or labour. These engines feature:

  • Key operated disable switch
  • Power connector for driving car mounted battery
  • 'Break away' disable feature
  • Improved Hand Held tether control.
  • MTS MU (Multiple Unit) Control System. This enables two or more engines to be coupled together and driven by the one driver. Power and control jumper cables link the locos together. Compatible with all MTS MU engines.

Package Deals and options

Many of these locomotives are available either ready to run, or in kit form. Package deals including riding cars and track are also available.

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