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MLE/UME - 5" Gauge NSWGR Flat Car

MLE/UME - 5" Gauge NSWGR Flat Car

Over 500 MLE and UME 45' flat wagons were built in the 1940s and 1950s to carry increasing large-format heavy loads, as part of modernisations of the freight rollingstock in NSW.

Originally coded LE, these wagons have seen a long life with many conversions taking place to keep up with modern loads. Sheet steel, Containers, Pipe, and more are often seen on these wagons.

Pictured here is the UME Variant with a typical load.


  • MLE - Bolster Flat-Wagon
  • UME - Un-bolstered variant
  • CME, CMX, GME, JME, PMX, TMX, etc.
  • Other sub-variants as requested


Our wagons feature a fully welded steel underframe which provides good strength for heavy loading, while the timber deck keeps the overall weight down. There are also plenty of detail features across the body.


  • Standard Scale Features
  • Typical Loads; timbers steel.
  • Flat deck for backyard usage
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