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MRC / MBC / BPV - 5" Gauge NSWGR Vans

MRC / MBC / BPV - 5" Gauge NSWGR Vans

These cars are the first of a range of scale model freight cars, some of which can double as driver’s riding and battery cars.

Chassis are welded steel and bodies may be steel and/or laser cut plywood and timber construction. Sandberg bogies are supplied for economy, strength and reliability however if you wish to substitute alternate bogies with a more scale appearance, most cars are available without bogies. 


These cars are based on the NSW insulated/refrigerated milk van, famous in its “Nepean Milk” form as preserved at the Valley Heights Railway Museum. Many were later converted to insulated box vans (MBC) and with the addition of an extra compartment at one end for detonators, as BPV Explosive vans.

The MTS model is available as a straight scale wagon or as a driver’s riding car with electrically operated parking brake, vacuum pump for train brakes, and standard MTS wiring for two batteries for 24V locomotives. 

Scale wagons come with a shaped timber roof with appropriate detail features for the type selected.  Driver’s cars come with a padded seat, mounting space for control box (or brake control switches if a hand controller is used instead), plus a pair of screw-in footpegs.


  • MBC Box Van (plain roof)   
  • BPV Explosives (extra doors) 
  • MRC Refrigerator(catwalk, ladders) 
  • "Nepean Milk" MRC (Name Boards)

Driver’s Car variant

These are available as a Driver's Car, with the following extra features:

  • Cushioned seat as well as scale roof 
  • Foot-pegs 
  • Electrically operated parking brake
  • Main switch, circuit breakers and wiring for 2 batteries and 24V loco
  • Vacuum Brake Pump  

Guard Car variant

Also available as a Guard Car, with the following extra features:

  • Cushioned seat as well as scale roof 
  • Foot-pegs 
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