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New Zealand DS

New Zealand DS

The Tasmanian V Class, New Zealand Ds Class, and British Class 04 locomotives were built by Drewry Car Co as industrial shunting locomotives. These locomotives were shipped all over the world for Standard and Cape Gauges, with a range of customisations.

 New Zealand

In New Zealand the Ds Class were imported from 1949 - 1955 as a fleet of 16 locomotives to run shunting duties in Wellington, Lyttleton, and other ports. Another four locomotives were built for the Ohai Railway Board and the Whakatane Board Mills, bringing the total to 20 built for New Zealand Railways.

With many surviving into heritage operation, they continue to serve and fulfil their purpose as shunters across New Zealand. They are operating at:

  • Steam Incorporated Paekakariki (2)
  • Ocean Beach Railway Dunedin (1)
  • Glenbrook Vintage Railway (1)
  • Bay of Islands Vintage Railway (2)

The MTS Model

We have designed this locomotive to reflect the range of locomotives seen internationally. Three versions are available to suit your needs:

  • 5" gauge outside frame with connecting rods, (Tasmania and New Zealand)
  • 7.25" gauge inside frame with connecting rods, (UK)
  • and Gauge Convertible outside frame chain drive for 5" and 7.25".

Best suited for heavy haulage at home or club operations, the standard 1kW version will haul four carriages on most tracks.

Features include:

  • Diesel Sound System
  • Strong horns
  • Powerful headlight suitable for night-running
  • Key operated disable switch
  • 'Break away' disable feature
  • Improved Hand Held tether control or control panel.
  • MTS MU (Multiple Unit) Control System. This enables two or more engines to be coupled together and driven by the one driver. Power and control jumper cables link the locos together. Compatible with all MTS MU engines.
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