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Colour-Light Signals

Colour-Light Signals

Whether it be for points indication or train protection, signals provide a fun and effective method of control for your railway.

Our signals are deigned for permanent out-door operation, with simple control and reliable operation. We can construct signals to suit all operations of your railway

    The more modern look of colour light signals bring a fresh element and efficient feel to your railway.

    Colour Light Signal Features

    • Illuminated lamps suitable night operation.
    • Single posts, junctions or gantries available.
    • Steel construction for long life.
    • Fully painted for weather protection.
    • 12V or 24V to order
    • Options for Diverge, Shunts, and Route Indicators.


    Shown here is the standard Single-Colour light common in many regions. We can also build:

    • 2 Aspect NSW
    • 2 Aspect VR/SAR
    • Others on request

    We also produce other lineside signals, such as Railway Crossing warnings and others. If you need something special, just ask!

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