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Y6 Tram Locomotive - Steam-Outline Electric

Y6 Tram Locomotive - Steam-Outline Electric

The GER Class G15 were a class of ten 0-4-0 steam tram locomotives designed for the Great Eastern Railway. When passed on to the LNER, they became the Y6. Built from 1883-1897, they were the iconic seed for many later designs.

Our very own MTS Great Eastern Railway tram loco returns with this catalogue with a new 900 watt 24V drive system and internal batteries!

This is our most powerful Starter Loco: Great for garden layouts and enough power to pull up to four 5" gauge 1.8m or two enclosed sided 7.25" gauge passenger cars on most club layouts. In the 7.25" format you can even add one of our booster cars to double the haulage capacity!

As an electric locomotive, you get great power at-hand, with extremely low maintenance. Available in 7.25" gauge or 5" gauge, these locomotives are a great size striking the balance between portability and heavy haulage.


These engines feature:

  • Key operated disable switch
  • Power connector for driving car mounted battery
  • 'Break away' disable feature
  • Improved Hand Held tether control.
  • MTS MU (Multiple Unit) Control System. This enables two or more engines to be coupled together and driven by the one driver. Power and control jumper cables link the locos together. Compatible with all MTS MU engines.
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